SALAMNDR (sa·luh·man·dr) has been around since two thousand twelve. Previously under the name Chemical X our focus was crafting logos for small businesses & clothing brands. We attended many events in New Jersey Colleges; Kean University, William Paterson, & Rutgers University. From which opened a vast amount of creative projects such as album covers, product design, & event  planning. After collecting a great amount of experience we partook in event planning for fashion shows in Brooklyn, NY & our home event in New Brunswick, NJ. We have prided Chemical X on not being afraid to take on any project if we could build it in our minds we could build it on your screen. Unfortunately Chemical X has to cease after a long fought copyright battle with a local gym, we felt it'd be best to rebrand & give a different approach. After a two year hiatus we developed a plan to be involved in todays new world, the internet. Our SALAMNDR (sa·luh·man·dr) name comes from the Salamander reptile which is able to regenerate itself therefore being able to adapt to what it may encounter.  Creating album covers for artists in over 20 states we have gotten to see our market & how we can impact it. SALAMNDR (sa·luh·man·dr) is now a media company that focuses on websites, content development & product design for the modern day dreamer, business owner, & fortune 500 company. No project is still too large or  too minimal for us . Our experience & case studies allow us to adapt to any project with confidence.